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AeroLite Clip (Cleat)

The cleat is designed of DuPont Zytel® ST nylon and is formed to wrap around the pedal with a maximum of 1320 pounds of tension to keep you attached to the pedal until you are ready to get out. When you want out, just lift the inside edge of your foot and you are out. 


Aerolite Clip with SPD Mount


Aerolite Clip with 3-Hole Mount


Aerolite Clip with Direct Mount

 SPD Mount  3-Hole Mount  Direct Mount

The clips may be mounted to the shoe in one of three ways. The pedal may be screwed into an SPD mount on the shoe by using the two machine screws in the bottom of the clip, as shown in the image to the left, it can also be mounted to the shoe using two of the three holes from a three hole mount, and the third method is to screw the cleat directly to the sole of the shoe using the four screws on the outside of the clip. Custom mounting is also available from AeroLite.

Technical Information:
Weight : 17 gm. each
Air Drag: 0.39
Tested & Weighed

Cost: $20./pair with hardware.